Right Sleeping Strategies for Baby at Each Period until the First Birthday

Most of the parents are aware of the importance of sleeping for the development of the baby. But the parenting sometimes becomes an exhausted task when the parents have sleepless nights to take care the sleep of a baby. For that reason, many parents try to train their baby to sleep in right time but still let the baby have enough time to sleep per day. To balance the time to take care the newborns and the time to relax for parents, we want to introduce the sleeping strategy with details for each stage. Besides that, we will introduce some parents’ aides to share the parenting with you as the baby swing. Get more information about baby swing reviews at Baby Insider. We hope that we can give you useful advice for your case.

Stage 1: 1 week old

At this stage, the baby usually sleeps almost of time. You can recognize that baby sleep 16 – 18 hours per day in the first week. But the sleep is only 1-4 hours per section. Half of sleeping time is at night. Its means you may be sleepless over the first week. The advice for this case is that you should ask your mother, sister or even hire an assistant, and then you can take the turn with them in keeping an eye on the baby. You will have time to do other tasks as prepare the meals for newborns, wash and dry baby clothes, clean items of the baby.


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Why baby swings are a must

Baby swings are excellent for little toddlers. Your baby would surely have enjoyed a self-propelled indoor bouncer when young. They would certainly be soothed by its continuous movement. But, babies quickly outgrow these devices and a baby swing usually is the next choice. All children love swinging. There are quite a few options when it comes to baby swings but it is only proper research which will ensure you choose the right one. The internet is obviously the best place for you to start. Just remember to read various baby swing reviews before you make any decisions.

source toysforchildrenchristmas.com
source toysforchildrenchristmas.com

There are three types of baby swings available today, full bucket swings, half bucket swings and high back swings. All of them are slightly different from each and have their own distinct advantages.

Bucket swings are made for children between the ages of 1 and 3. They are made from durable polymer. The bucket wraps around the child in full bucket swings. In half bucket swings, there is just a back but no front. The half bucket lets the child learn how to swing on his/her own which can be helpful while transitioning to regular swings.

The high back swing comes with a high back seat that can be adjusted. It also has molded bar supports which usually have a piece which can fit in between the legs of the child. It is most suitable for infants.

When buying a swing, always go for the ones where the chains are coated with plastic. This greatly reduces the chance of your child getting pinched. It even makes it easier on your hands to hold the chains. Remember never to leave your children unattended in swings though. And always check your swings and its chains to ensure they are safe to use. (more…)

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Infant nutrition

For parents, aware of the essential foods benefit your baby at each stage of growth and development is essential. This is the most basic steps to start your baby a healthy diet.

Neonatal period

In the early stages of development, breast milk or formula, or a combination of both is the best food source for babies received the nutrients necessary for their development.


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The Hunt For the Best Baby Swing by Mom’s Guide 2016

Where Should I Buy My Best Baby Swing?

I would strongly recommend not buying a used swing. Older baby swings might have an inadequate restraint system, broken or worn out parts, or other issues which may put your baby at risk of injury. You’ll get a better price on baby swings here. The best baby swing 2016 or graco baby swing
Let’s be honest: sometimes it’s nice to take a break and get things done around the house without having to keep an eye on the kids 24/7.


While some people will tell you that you should never do so, I think most parents use things like baby swings to keep them occupied sometimes. If you need to do the dishes or take out the trash, it’s not exactly convenient to bring the baby with you, is it?
I love baby swings, and not only do they give us those much-needed breaks, but kids love them, too. It’s a win-win situation.
MomTricks Picks: The Best Baby Swing 2016
I love the Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing it’s a nice, full-featured swing that babies seem to love. (more…)

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Reasonable diet for mothers while breastfeeding (part 2)

With tea, why?

Caffeine is absorbed rapidly and with the highest levels within 1 hour. Despite the fact that you absorbed and then transformed into the mother’s milk is different, they have estimated that about 0.06% – 1.5% concentration of caffeine mothers drink will transform into breast milk. It is also stored in the mother’s body for a long time, especially for infants.

Caffeine affects fat, cream of condensed milk and breastfeeding is best after two hours. It can decrease milk supply and can be related to recurrent mastitis. A few results, on the other hand, show that those mothers who usually use caffeinated beverages with the iron concentration in breast milk are lower than mothers do not take caffeine. This can explain the rise of iron deficiency anemia in the country much coffee drinking. Infants of mothers who have consumed large quantities of caffeine can have agitation signs, restlessness, constipation and unstable.

But do not be too worried. You can still enjoy the small joys in life, occasionally drank a cup of coffee or tea. It is the best to drink 1-2 cups only and drink after a meal. Academy of American Pediatrics recommends that mothers who are breastfeeding should only drink up to 3 cups of coffee per day (< 300 mg / day). Sciences also give precaution of smoking increasing the caffeine effect in the mother’s body. From that point, mothers should reduce smoking as much as possible. (more…)

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Nutrition from breast milk

You know, women are in the stage of breastfeeding need more nutritious than conventional? During this time, breast milk is the only source of nutrition for the baby, so, providing adequate nutrition for a mother means a healthy baby than it helps! Sometimes mothers as busy or tired that skipping meals or not eating enough. Think of the children and set themselves healthy eating habits!

However, mothers also should not be too strict with eating as it may cause further pressure on you. Breast milk is inherently a good source of nutrition for the baby and not easy to alter breast milk. Think of healthy eating as a habit is not only good for the baby but also benefit the mother, you will find it softer!

During breastfeeding, do mothers need many nutrients?

The figures are given below for your reference only, as each person will have a different demand. Studies have shown that breastfeeding women often need more than the average person 590 calories (2500 Kilojoules) every day in order to keep body weight stable. Factors such as lack of food, weight loss or too much exercise can affect your body. Do not underestimate the demands of his body. Avoid fasting, healthy eating and adjusting the daily routine will help you somewhat. Remember, if you eat healthily, your baby will inherit a better diet, which can help your baby’s eating habits later. Did you know: common, breastfeeding mothers often find me craving more? (more…)

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